The life cycle of a print job - Pt. IV - MPress Digital & Offset Printing & Direct MailMPress Digital & Offset Printing & Direct Mail

The life cycle of a print job – Pt. IV

Printing is a physical process

Huge machines apply ink to paper, fold that paper then trim, glue and add the finishing touches such as die-cutting, embossing and foil stamping. Your finished product passes through different departments and is touched by many hands after your very first mouse click. And because of that, amazing things can be accomplished on our printing press & bindery. So the way that we set up the paper and ink to behave in a certain way really is our magic

Your stress quotient will go down

After your first delivery, you will start designing your new projects with our printing capabilities in mind, you’ll relax knowing that your print jobs are going to run more smoothly, the quality will improve, delivery will be on time, and most importantly, your stress quotient will go down…Isn’t that exciting?

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